Common Types Of Engagement Rings Repairs

When your partner gives you a diamond engagement ring, you need to take care of the ring to increase its lifespan. However, rings are prone to damage as people usually carry out daily tasks while wearing their rings. A damaged ring is unattractive and can also result in financial loss if you lose the diamond. In this regard, engagement ring repair is essential. Here are the common engagement ring repair services to consider.

Stone Repair

Although diamonds are one of the hardest precious stones, the gemstone is still prone to damage. For instance, your diamond ring may chip or get light scratches. Diamond ring repair in such cases entails polishing, which covers up the minor damage and restores the stone's luster.

In severe cases, the stone may crack and split. When this happens, filling or coating treatments are ideal. However, if the diamond needs replacement, the jeweler can save the original stone. Generally, jewel repair professionals use the original stone remnants to form a rind wrap.

Setting Repair

Your diamond ring's prong and Tiffany settings are prone to damage. These components can easily twist, bend, or change position, resulting in the loosening of the stone. In this case, engagement ring repair may include resetting the prong and Tiffany setting to become tighter and sturdier. A jeweler may add some metal to the prong to make it hold onto the stone more tightly. Sometimes, a prong may break off, calling for prong rebuilding.

Shank Repair

Your ring's band may break upon impact. Also, medical professionals may cut the ring's shank when carrying out some emergency procedures. Further, if your finger increases in size, removing your engagement ring may be painful. Therefore, you may have to cut the ring. In such cases, the repair entails soldering the cut to join the shank and polish the soldered area.


With time, you may lose or add weight, which affects your engagement ring's fitting. If your ring is too small, wearing it may be uncomfortable. In contrast, if the ring is too large, you may lose it. Therefore, resizing is vital.  The process entails adding extra metal to a small band to make it perfectly fit your finger. If you're dealing with a large ring, the resizing process may entail cutting the extra metal. In this case, preserving engravings may not be possible.

The common types of engagement ring repair are resizing, stone setting, and shank repair. Consider hiring diamond ring repair services to perform these repairs.