All You Need to Know When Buying a Stovetop Cast Iron Griddle

Are you looking to upgrade your kitchenware? A griddle is an option worth considering. They are some of the most versatile kitchen appliances you can add to your kitchen, great for making eggs, bacon, pancakes, steaks, burgers, and many other foods. Generally, like all types of kitchenware, griddles come in a myriad of options. Therefore, you will need to evaluate some factors to narrow down your options and find the best for your kitchen. For instance, it's important to choose the right material when selecting your griddles. Generally, aluminium and cast iron are the primary options you will find. However, the latter is preferred for its heavier weight, heat retention capacity, and durability, among other benefits. However, before you buy your cast iron griddle, here's everything you need to know first.

Think About the Size

The size of your cast iron griddle matters a lot, so keep that in mind when buying one. Generally, griddles come in various sizes, and you can choose the right one by considering a few factors. First, consider the size of your cooker. Not every griddle will fit on your cooker or stove. Therefore, determine whether your cooker can accommodate the griddle you intend to buy before you select one. Logically, bigger griddles are ideal because they allow you to cook more food types simultaneously than smaller models.

Thickness also matters when thinking about size. Typically, thicker griddles are excellent choices because of their heat retention capacity. However, portability is not one of their strengths because they tend to be heavy. Nonetheless, it's worth noting that if you prefer a lighter option for portability, you may have to compromise on heat retention and distribution capacity.

Consider the Coating

Griddles are available in two primary coating options: enamelled and uncoated. Therefore, it's imperative to understand how each option works when buying one for your kitchen. That's because the kind of coating you choose will affect your cooking and cleaning. Enamelled griddles have a distinct coating that makes the surface non-stick. That means any foods or ingredients you use when preparing food won't get stuck on the surface. Besides making your cooking easier, it also makes washing the griddle effortless.

On the other hand, uncoated griddles lack the special coating that comes with their enamelled counterparts. That means you need enough seasoning oil to keep food from getting stuck on the surface. Worth noting is that some uncoated griddles are pre-seasoned in the factories. However, since not all of them are, it would be best to ask first. What's more, the pre-seasoned options may not work as excellently as enamelled griddles.

Consider the Utility Type

As the name implies, stovetop griddles are designed for use on electric or gas stoves. However, some options are designed for use on both stoves and microwaves or ovens. Therefore, go for such models if you'd like to use yours interchangeably on your stove and oven. However, understand that it will cost you more.

To find a reversible stovetop cast iron griddle, visit a kitchenware supplier in your area.